Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last Weekend

Last Weekend was Ridiculously eventful.

I rented a car and hit three cities in three days.
I started in DC, where I shot the last BYT pool party. I drove straight from the pool to Philadelphia, where I went to see my brother on his last day in the States. He was left for Israel the next day. Fortunately and coincidentally, it was also his girlfriend's birthday, so we all got to spend time with him in his last few hours.
When I said my final goodbye, I drove straight to Baltimore to see my alma-mater and my old friends.

I got to see so many friends, the Athenaeum, Fall Into Goucher day, more friends, my old room Freshman year, ..... I went on a good weekend because the next evening my friend had a cocktail party that ended up being a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, I drank too much too fast, and had to stay about 4 hours later than I had planned on. I drove home tired and hungry, so I pulled over three separate times to get fast food. When I finally got home, I crashed. I had a big week ahead of me.

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