Monday, October 26, 2009

Tomorrow morning I'm going to go even harder! (redux)


This week could be one of the best weeks of my life. This could be the busiest week of my life. Well, maybe not the ABSOLUTE busiest.

Back when there were finals with due dates, everything set with timelines already made, (whether or not I chose to accept it).
I would never have meetings with important people. They were professors, who, like friends, did not carry the same weight of institutional authority. I would go late to class, would do assignments at the last minute, get 4 hours of sleep every night, work the 4am shift every week... It was hard work!
I would find myself completely 'overbooked', nearly all the time, yet I somehow also went out, a lot. I was only a head of the game a few times- usually the first two weeks of a semester. I would do all the readings, and then see how far I got until I started lagging behind. I don't think I ever lasted more than a month.
In Elementary school I read everything that was assigned to me by the School standards, which was 25 books per year, as logged. Then, in Middle school, the 25 book standard still existed, but I substituted all text books as "recreational" reading, so ended up making the cut by shaving any book that I could write a short book report about.
In High School, my advanced English classes required lots of reading, most of which I did not do. For better or for worse, I have completely stopped reading books. I never considered myself a reader, nor did I ever read more books than anyone else I knew.
In highschool, I got addicted to the internet. I had gotten a computer with my bar-mitzvah money, and when I got it, was absolutely addicted.
For example, long before Wikipedia ever existed (although not before the idea was conceived) I had the three disk Microsoft Encarta. I used to spend hours and hours, engaging in wiki 1.0.
I also edited a couple skateboard videos.
Anyways, I stopped reading books and started reading things on the screen.

Or, it could be like a wee

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Job

Last Friday, I found out that I will only be able to work part time as a lobbyist. At first I was very disappointed that I know longer have a full time job. But, when I thought about it, it was just what I wanted. Now, I have more time to do other things, like make money.

My freelance photography will certainly come in handy. I shot an event last week, and am currently in the process of setting something up with a freelance model and a T-shirt/apparel company. Hopefully I'll start making bank for photos.

But last Friday, there was an interesting twist to it all.

I am now a Sales Rep for at least two different companies.

Livity Outernational makes some PIMP shit like fedoras and "jah-sport" backpacks. Very trendy, very cool, very hemp.

Jungmaven makes the softest hemp clothes on the market. Hemp viscose is like a natural microfiber, and you will be speechless when you feel one of these 100% Hemp shirts. Blank shirts or printed Ts are the specialty, but, there are also lots of accessories and other goodies.

Check out the sites, send me an email. If I place your order, I'll give you 15% off of retail price.