Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Job

Last Friday, I found out that I will only be able to work part time as a lobbyist. At first I was very disappointed that I know longer have a full time job. But, when I thought about it, it was just what I wanted. Now, I have more time to do other things, like make money.

My freelance photography will certainly come in handy. I shot an event last week, and am currently in the process of setting something up with a freelance model and a T-shirt/apparel company. Hopefully I'll start making bank for photos.

But last Friday, there was an interesting twist to it all.

I am now a Sales Rep for at least two different companies.

Livity Outernational makes some PIMP shit like fedoras and "jah-sport" backpacks. Very trendy, very cool, very hemp.

Jungmaven makes the softest hemp clothes on the market. Hemp viscose is like a natural microfiber, and you will be speechless when you feel one of these 100% Hemp shirts. Blank shirts or printed Ts are the specialty, but, there are also lots of accessories and other goodies.

Check out the sites, send me an email. If I place your order, I'll give you 15% off of retail price.

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