Saturday, September 26, 2009

Getting Awesome

Since no one actually reads this, I figure I can get personal.
In place of an unwritten entry, I'll just talk briefly about how I randomly spend two days in Baltimore. I missed my train, went to the ladies night, stayed up till 4am, and hung out the next day with MAD homies. It was awesome and I love charm city.

But yesterday made me love DC.

I'm at the office, sending emails and wondering what else I should do. Then I get a draft of the Vote Hemp weekly update, which happens to be practically entirely about me. I was flattered, then nervous, so I started drafting an email asking to not actually have a personal bio about me. My parents explained to me that having a bio written is a actually a good thing, and I should not avoid it.

Then, while I'm talking to my Mom, Dakota calls me. He reminds me about the Rattler show at the Rock and Roll Hotel.

The show was AWESOME to say the least.

Plus, I got the most EPIC photos EVER. Here's a couple, in case you don't believe me.

Rattler is a good old fashioned rock band. They drink copious amounts of beer on stage (3 cases actually, I asked the groupie in a miniskirt) and make sure there is a healthy sized mosh pit going, being fueled by the copious amounts of beer that they pour right in the middle of it. Their songs deal with themes of the rock and roll experience- doing nothing and drinking beer, and having sex with many women in an exploitative manner. They asked, "who's shitfaced tonight?!" to cheers, followed by "who's getting laid tonight?!" to just as many cheers but, I doubt everyone that cheered actually followed through on their 'Yay'.

After the show, I was astounded that I had taken such amazing pictures. Naturally, I used my fresh pictures as a networking tool to meet people and not seem awkward since Libby and Svetlana had already left.
I met a girl named Maggie that works in the local music scene, and her friend Erin Aiken who I bought the rest of her beer from for $3.25. Both thought they were VERY cool, as Maggie said, "I'm no joke". My crave to network was far from satisfied.
I randomly took a picture of a guy with cool glasses and an attractive woman laughing. They turned out to be a couple and he just so happened to be a professional fashion photographer. I chatted with Toni and Maya, ultimately trying to get a job with Toni. Whether that pans out or not, I made sealed a good impression when I showed Toni my lens case- a beer cozy.

I decided that I should start impressing the ladies with my pictures. The girl who before was grabbing my dick was now making out with someone else, so I decided just to walk up to people and ask for a lighter (which I actually did use. bad idea though, WAY to many cigarettes). The band came with a group of groupies whereing miniskirts, who it was assumed, submitted themselves to band gangbangs that many other girls in the concert were jealous of. I started talking to one of them, and showed her some pictures. I guess she thought I was cool, but, I would say that she was out of my league considering she had probably fucked the lead singer of the band right before they went on. She did pseudo-invite me to an 'afterparty' at velvet lounge, but my insatiable craving to meet more people held me back. As a cocky networker, I go up to the lead singer of the band, and show him the pictures. Not having heard of him before that night probably made it easier for me to shake his hand, as some people in the crowd would have probably eaten a beer bottle to do the same.

I decide to go upstairs and order a beer, and there is a legitimate dance party going on.
The bartender refuses to give me free drinks, but a band member has drink tickets. I tell him I'm a photographer and show him some of my pictures. He offers to buy me a drink, but I awkwardly don't know what he's doing and I actually already paid for two.

I bought a beer, but realized that a hot girl next to me was doing shots, so, I bought a shot to do with her. Our ephemeral friendship for the night was cemented, and I later met her friends and danced with her. We tried to go to an afterparty together, but by 3:30 am, there was no afterparty to attend. We loitered outside a church talking about what we might do, maybe go back to the one guy's house in VA. We are still flirting and agree that we are attracted to each other.
Due to my systematic avoidance of sexual encounter, decide that I have better things to do, like walk the dog or clean my room. So, instead of continuing the adventure, I agree to buy a girl Joanna (pronounced Yo-Hannah) a jumbo slice for a ride to AdMo.
Oops, I did it again! I made you believe... that we would hook-up... oh baby baby. Oops I fucked up again... I had such a chance, and then squandered it.
I'm sorry to the hot girl that I should have hooked up with. For the future hot girl who thinks I'm cool - prepare yourself for a great night.

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